We are business owners and niche experts. We’ve worked hard to achieve success, we’ve overcome barriers, and we’ll never stop reaching for greatness.

We’re generous with our energy and resources, in our lives, and in our businesses. We enjoy the rewards of our work, and we believe that success is not just about growing our bank accounts, but about the positive impact it enables us to make in the world.

We believe in equality and inclusion for all people, of all races, all nationalities, all sexual identities, and all genders and non-binary peoples.

We are lifelong learners who passionately pursue growth and knowledge.

We are adventurous and courageous. We push ourselves outside of our comfort zones, and see fear as a stepping stone on the road to greater success.

We are humble. Our success doesn’t make us superior, it gives us more opportunities to do good in the world. We treat all people with equal respect, and we believe that everyone has something important to contribute.

We are fun. We love a good laugh, an unexpected surprise, and the opportunity to play.

We are not typical women, and this isn’t a typical women’s event. We are a community of grounded, hard working entrepreneurial women who raise each other’s horizons, support one another, and create more opportunities for women to positively impact the world through entrepreneurship.


We are Dovetail Women.

I’ve never had the opportunity of meeting such interesting, unique, and powerful women all in the same place. You can learn something from every woman in this room, and that’s what I love about being here.
— Adrienne Dorison, USA, Founder of Run Like Clockwork


A note from our founder, Alexis Dean:

Hello To Our Website Visitors and Prospective Community Members, 

I want to formally acknowledge my commitment to increasing diversity in the Dovetail Community. Our community currently includes women of four ethnicities, and women who self-identify as LGBTQ+, however it only takes one look at our videos and photos to recognize that the majority of our current community members are caucasian.

This lack of diversity does not reflect our values and our belief in the importance of equality and inclusion for all people, of all races, all nationalities, all sexual identities, and all genders and non-binary peoples.  

The current statistics are dismal on visible minority and WOC female entrepreneurs earning high-6 figures and more. When we first launched Dovetail in 2017 we aimed to bring together experienced female entrepreneurs who could eventually act as mentors, guides, and leaders for the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

Statistics show that there is a concerning lack of diversity among six and seven figure-earning entrepreneurs in North America. This is directly caused by unequal access to resources and support for early stage entrepreneurs from underserved, underrepresented, and stigmatized populations. Dovetail is seeking to help end this disparity by ensuring that our invitation policies and practices are inclusive, and developing our Dovetail Basecamp community, events, scholarships, and programs to increase equal access to entrepreneurship mentorship, education, and events.

We have developed two separate events to cater to female-identifying entrepreneurs at different stages of their business. This is to enable peer-to-peer sharing, and common understandings of business at a certain level, and is not to discriminate.

We welcome applications from all people who identify as female entrepreneurs, of all races, all nationalities, all sexual identities, and all genders and non-binary peoples.  

Please reach out to me directly with any feedback, suggestions, or introductions to charities and non-profits that you’d love us to support. My personal email address is: alexis@dovetailretreats.com

Thank you,